October 24, 2010

Adding an Encrypted Folder to an USB Drive

It seems that everyone carries a Thumb Drive, MP3 Player, or Cell Phone with data storage. Most people seem to have some kind of sensitive information stored on these devices. Here is a simple way to create an  encrypted folder on these devices.

  1. Download the latest copy of TrueCrypt.
  2. Start TrueCrypt, accept the License Agreement, and choose  the Extract Wizard Mode.image
  3. Extract the files to a folder on your local hard drive.image
  4. Open TrueCrypt.exe from the extract location and click Create Volume.image
  5. In the TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, accept the default Create an Encrypted File Container and click Next.image
  6. In the Volume Type, accept the default Standard True Crypt volume and click Next.image
  7. Choose a location and name on your USB device for your encrypted folder and click Next. image
  8. Accept the default Encryption Options and click Next. image
  9. Choose the size of your encrypted folder. image
  10. Choose a good secure password. image
  11. Choose a Volume Format similar to the file system type used on your USB device and click Format. image
  12. Click Exit when done.
  13. If you do not with to have your USB device automatically mount your encrypted folder, continue to the next section.
  14. Open TrueCrypt.exe again and click Tools > Traveler Disk Setup. image
  15. On the TrueCrypt Traveler Disk Setup, choose the root path of your USB device, uncheck Include TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, check Auto-mount TrueCrypt Volume, choose your encrypted folder, and click Create. image
  16. Click Close and Click Exit.

Now that we’ve finished creating our encrypted folder. We need to mount it so we can begin storing files.
  1. Open TrueCrypt.exe, click Select File, and choose your encrypted folder. image
  2. Click Mount and enter your password. imageimage
Your done!

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