October 24, 2010

How to Change the IP Address of a Domain Controller

There may come a time in every network where the IP address of a Domain Controller may need to be changed. Whether your network has grown outside the range of its subnet or your IP addressing scheme has changed. This change may be simple or complex. Depending on the practices you use to setup devices on your network.

Here are the steps:
1. Find out which devices on your network lookup the IP address of your Domain Controller and change this to the new IP address or the FQDN if possible. If you don’t already know these devices. A good packet sniffer used from the Domain Controller can help.
2. Change the IP address of the Domain Controller in the network adapter’s TCP/IP properties.
3. Open the command prompt and type in the following command. Then press enter.
ipconfig /registerdns
The output should look like this.
4. Just like the previous output says. Check the Event Viewer in 15 minutes for errors.
5. Open DNS on your Domain Controller and check that the A Record for your Domain Controller’s hostname is pointing to the new IP Address.
6. Check that this change has been replicated to the other DNS servers on the network.

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