October 24, 2010

Say Goodbye to Logon Scripts!

Ever since my first logon.bat script to map network drives. I've hated logon scripts. Sometimes they just stopped working. Other times I forgot to add the script to the user's profile settings when I create the account. I blame myself for not creating a Group Policy Object to take care of it for me.
It got easier when I first used the Logon Script Generator. At last I could map drives by group, set the default printer, and only use one GPO! But still, teaching someone else to edit the script was tedious.

Along comes Group Policy Client-Side Extensions part of Group Policy Preferences. Of course this has been out for a while and some new features in Windows Server 2008 R2 have brought it into light again.
It features the ability to map drives, map printers, place shortcuts, and many other. Don't worry! The help button is contextual and you can press F3 in some fields for a list of variables. You can also setup Targeting to apply your mappings to specific groups and have established mappings deleted.
Here's a few screenshots:
gp-computer gp-user new_drive

Note: Make sure all your workstations are patched up. To include KB943729.

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