October 24, 2010

SSL VPN Server for Windows

In every network there will come a time when users will want to access their information from home. It’s up to you, the IT professional, to determine how to provide this access.

A browser based VPN over HTTPS can prove to be a great alternative to standard VPN software. Here are some of the advantages.
- Clientless. Can work from any computer with an Internet connection.
- Easy to setup. Works on Windows and Linux.
- Simple to train end users.
- Users only see what has been published to them.
- Active Directory Integration.

Interested? Check out OpenVPN-ALS formerly Adito a fork of SSL-Explorer purchased by Barracuda Networks. Lars Werner created a handy installer for windows. Found here: http://lars.werner.no/?page_id=162 More screenshots can be seen here: http://lars.werner.no/?page_id=153

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  1. Being thinking about setting up a VPN for a while and can't decide between a network or a browser based VPN. Thanks for sharing the information.