February 24, 2015

CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 Cheat Sheet

Since CentOS 7 switched from SysVinit to Systemd I've had a bit of a learning curve to upgrade my common command syntax when working with the new commands. Here's my cheat sheet:


CentOS 6

CentOS 7




ip addr

Show Interfaces Status


service (name) status

systemctl status (name)

Service Status


service (name) stop

systemctl stop (name)

Service Stop


service (name) start

systemctl start name)

Service Start


chkconfig (name) on

systemctl enable (name)

Autostart Service on Boot


chkconfig (name) off

systemctl disable (name)

Disable Autostart Service on Boot


chkconfig --list

systemctl list-unit --type=service

List Services

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